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Developing Skills - Creating Employment

Connecting Youth to the Land

Leading the Future

Social Enterprises

Supporting Young Farmers


Bobby Calves


Save our bees - NO GMO

Bees are precious on our farm and we are so proud to have multiple hives of both native and commercial bees seeking refuge on our farm.  There is nothing that beats the music of the bees..

Weed Control

Being organic we are committed to producing chemical free food.  Goats are a fantastic natural weed control, and are ideal for our steep strezlecki hills that cannot be accessed by a tractor.  Goat meat is also a healthy lean meat that is trending the market.

Self Sufficiency

Growing fodder crops is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint, at CSM we aim to grow 100% of our stock feed on the farm.  Fodder crops are a great way to improve the soil and nurture microbial life.

Endorsing a Sustainable Farming Future

Blackberry Picking


Calving Season

All Year Round

Harvest Season

October-February, 2017

Welcome to CSM Organics

Family organic dairy farm

CSM Organics is a certified organic dairy farm in West Gippsland run by a team of highly motivated young farmers.

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PO Box 726
Drouin 3818
Victoria Australia

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